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    We offer carefully chosen, rare and exotic selections from around the world, delivered to your door each month. Perfect Gifts that keep giving!

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    The Coffee Taster's Club

    The Coffee Taster's Club
    The Coffee Taster's Club

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    Welcome to Clubs of America—since 1994, the world’s foremost monthly gift club specialist!

    Clubs of America is a family business, built the way many other great American companies were built: on a dream, hard work and not much else.

    In 1994, Doug and Dirk Doretti had an idea, based on two things that were happening at the time. Book and music clubs were popular; the brothers felt it was a unique way to run a business. And microbreweries were just catching on with the American public; these local brew masters were not only passionate about their craft, they were producing the very best beers in the country.






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